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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can be a very gratifying way to give back to your community and to make a real difference in your world.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 25% of US adults volunteered during FY 2014.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service has developed an extensive base of volunteers, to the point that an estimated 20% of all work done on refuges is performed by volunteers.  This is a great example of a public-private partnership that brings benefits to both parties and to the refuge communities.

Are your kids gone and you have some free time?  Are you retired but looking for something productive to do to benefit your community?  Are you a young person with a passion for wildlife and the outdoors?  Are you looking to fulfill a school requirement (or maybe community service)?

If you said yes to any of the above, how about volunteering with the Friends?  Pinckney Island NWR at the doorstep to Hilton Head Island is our most visited refuge, and is maintained solely by volunteers.  We staff the Visitor Center at Savannah NWR Monday - Saturday from 9AM - 4PM where we meet and greet visitors from around the country and around the world.

From filling potholes, to picking up trash, to weeding and mowing, to ringing up sales at The Gator Hole, to helping to control invasive species, there is someway for you to get involved and indulge your passion.

Remember our motto:  Work to make a living...volunteer to make a difference!   

Savannah NWR Information desk

The Savannah NWR Visitor Center information desk is the public's' point of contact with the Refuges, and usually handles between 60 and 120 visitors per day.  Volunteers greet visitors, answer questions, and distribute refuge maps and other info.  There is always backup from a Refuge Ranger if needed.  Volunteers at the desk also handle sales at The Gator Hole, our book and nature store adjacent to the information desk.  Last year the Gator Hole generated more than $42,000 in sales, and the net proceeds all flow to the Friends to support our activities on the Refuges.

This is a great opportunity to interact with Refuge visitors who come from all over the world to share in the natural wonder at our doorstep.

Training is provided and your hours at the desk are tracked for recognition at our annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. The Visitor Center is open 9AM - 4PM Monday thru Saturday with two volunteers scheduled each day for 3 1/2 hour shifts. Our Point-of-Sale system is very easy to use and reduces training time.

If you would like to volunteer and/or discuss the positions please contact Rick Shields - rshields15@comcast.net

 NWR Bird Feeder Attendants

  The Friends are responsible for Savannah NWR bird feeders.  One or more volunteers are needed to periodically fill and clean the feeders and purchase bird seed.  

If you would like to volunteer and/or discuss the positions please contact Rick Shields - rshields15@comcast.net

Fund Raising Leader

The Friends are constantly raising funds to support Refuge activities.  There are numerous projects requiring funding including the Kingfisher Discovery Center.  A leader is needed to continue current fund raising activities and increase the number of activities.

If you would like to volunteer and/or discuss the position please contact Rick Shields - rshields15@comcast.net

Pinckney Island NWR Programs and Accessibility Volunteer Positions

For a list of open volunteer positions for our Pinckney Island NWR Program and Accessibility Tours - Go to Volunteer Positions

Each tour requires volunteer to signup for a position on the tour.  The positions include docent, driver, visitor assistant and gate keeper.  Note that each position requires prior training.  To signup for a specific tour - Go to Tour Event Volunteer Signup

Please consider donating to the Friends! 

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