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Volunteers Needed

Pinckney Island Programs and Accessibility Project


Volunteers Needed

Our FREE Pinckney Island NWR programs include shuttle and bike tours for the general public.  Our shuttle tours are also for those that are accessibility challenged.

We have held nature tours for two years.  It is been an outstanding success with great reviews from the public.  You can be a part of this rewarding program by volunteering.    

Volunteers are needed to assist the Friends and Refuge staff improve visitors experiences at Pinckney Island NWR, fulfilling the promise of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry grant for the equipment we purchased for the tours:  15-seat electric shuttle (big golf cart), bikes, binoculars and much more.  

Please consider volunteering for one or more of the open positions.  If you are already a volunteer or a new volunteer, consider signing up for multiple positions.  Many positions do not require a fixed schedule.

Signing Up and Training:   All positions require:  (a) training for the specific position and (b) Refuge Volunteer Training Seminar, and (c) a Member of the Friends of the Savannah Coastal Refuges.  The Refuge training seminar is held a couple of times a year but is not immediately needed to start volunteering.  Each volunteer position requires specific training which is describer below.

Volunteer Documents:  There are volunteer documents needed to be signed.   Go to Documents section in the and return the signed required documents to Judy (judyeastman2@gmail.com).   Continue to volunteer while completing the documents.  Note:  The Refuge Training Session is not needed immediately.  When the next session is announced you can attend.   Please contact Judy Eastman (judyeastman2@gmail.com) if you have any questions. 

Online Volunteer Event Signup:  Once you are trained for one of tour positions you can signup for a specific tour on our website. 

Visitor Assistants (VA)

Two Visitor Assistant’s are assigned to the visitor table during tours and at other times to assist refuge visitors.  VA’s check people in for tours and inform passerby's about the refuge including providing a map, birds/butterfly identification flyers and current sightings.  (It is enjoyable talking with refuge visitors from all over world.)  

Training:  Sitting at the visitor tab with a Visitor Assistant to observe the activity.  

Contact: Judy (judyeastman2@gmail.comto discuss becoming a Visitor Assistant and getting training during one of our tours.  She will also show you how to volunteer for a tour once you are approved. 

Docents:  Shuttle & Bike Tours

Docents lead the tours and must be accredited.  

Training:  You will be instructed on the basic content and procedures for a tour by one of our docents.  

Contact:  Jane (im4dbirds@gmail.com)   Please let Jane know if you are interested in shuttle and/or bike tours

Shuttle Drivers

Drivers are responsible for driving the shuttle during tours.  

Training:  Inform Jane that you are a new volunteer.  Training consists of 5 - 10 minutes of instructions.

Contact:  Jane (im4dbirds@gmail.com

Group Accessibility Tour Coordinator

Group tours are for organizations with accessibility challenges members.  You will introduce these groups to our shuttle tour and coordinate the tours.  You will also ensure that these groups are aware of our accessibility shuttle tours.  Ilene Schwartz leads the group.  

Contact:  Ilene (imschwartz58@gmail.com)

Setup Tours, Registrations & Volunteer Coordinator

Use our computer application, called Wild Apricot, to schedule tours, handle questions about tour registrations, send out Email notices, assign volunteers, etc.  Some experience with computer application programs is needed and we will show you around Wild Apricot.  It is not hard but like all feature rich programs, it is somewhat quirky.  You would also be responsible for program staffing using our online volunteer signup sheet and ensuring that volunteers are available for every program. 

Training:  You will be instructed on how to use the above tools.

Contact:  John (johnpetr17@gmail.com)


Work on our publicity team to inform the public of our tours and services. 

Contact:  Kimberly (historygeek60@gmail.com)

Please consider donating to the Friends! 

Email us at webmaster@

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