Who is involved so far?

The Friends group is taking the lead on the project.  The US F&WS has been very involved from the beginning and will have the ultimate say over the building plans and location, and will provide some site preparation.  The Friends will provide the funding, and Service will manage the construction.

To organize the fund-raising for the project, an advisory committee has been formed.  The committee is comprised of Friends Board members, US F&WS representatives, as well as:

  • Victoria Ten Broeck, South University - chairs the committee
  • Dr Todd Cellini, South University     
  • Dean Peterson, Sustainability Developer for the IKEA Distribution Center 490 in Port Wentworth which has contributed $18,300 to the project and is our Phase 1 Lead Supporter!
  • Dr. Rick Shields, President, Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges
  • Monica Harris, Visitor Services Manager, Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex
  • Dr. Cora Thompson, Savannah State University

  • Marjorie Young, Carriage Trade Public Relations
  • Dr. Lucas Kavlie, Western Governor’s University

Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges, Inc.
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