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Savannah NWR Visitor Center Lobby Tower Display

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 4:48 PM | Rick Shields (Administrator)
    We have been working with the FWS to have a display installed in the three-story tower of the Savannah NWR Visitor Center lobby.  After over a year of planning with multiple ideas it has now been completed. Arnie Weisbrot, one of our RV volunteers started working on the  project last fall with ideas from FWS visitor services staff.
    The initial idea called for painting a mural on the entire inside surface of the tower.  This idea proved cost-prohibitive.  Then
Robin Puckett, a muralist from North Carolina, came through with a more affordable idea which involved painting canvases on the ground, then mounting them over the large sound baffles in the tower.
    Robin with one of her canvases mounted on the frame     FWS staff begin to raise one of the four panels into position     It's a long way down!
  Kim Russell, the artist from Wisconsin who designs the Orni-ments that we sell at the VC, created 13 life-sized bird sculptures to hang from the tower.   With Friends Group support and recreation fee grant dollars it all came together over the past few weeks with both artists taking on this project as a personal challenge.

    Lying on the lobby floor looking up.  
Kim holding her favorite, the wood stork The artists, Robin and Kim  

   Robin created four 8'x16.5' murals portraying local habitats that relate to the birds being created by Kim.  They worked together via phone and email to mesh their designs, then delivered their work to the Refuge and helped staff with the installation. Kim (ably assisted by her husband Rob who journeyed to Savannah with her) and Robin each spent days here in Savannah after putting in many hours in their home studios on preliminary work.

   I encourage every Friends member to visit, as the photos do not do the installation justice.  Many thanks to the artists and to the FWS staff who put in many hours making this project happen.

(Photos by Monica Harris)

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