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Friends group weekend activities

Sunday, October 13, 2013 10:02 PM | Rick Shields (Administrator)

I would like to thank everyone who made this weekend into a resounding success!  Despite the infuriating shutdown, despite confusion about which events were cancelled, despite the cancellation on a gorgeous fall day of the activities at Pinckney Island NWR, we came through with heads high and two events of which we can be proud.  I hope we can reschedule the Pinckney activities in the near future.

Joe Wiegand (TR) was phenomenal as usual, and is talking about coming back next year for a full week of events.  Sam Kolitinsky,  the executive producer of the documentary "America's Darling" described his visit with us (especially the cruise)  as “magical” and wants to include some of us and our refuges in the documentary on which he is currently working.  This is without setting foot on refuge property!

There were more than 180 people on the cruise today, 90 with complimentary tickets from the Friends, the rest paying customers.  The Savannah Riverboat Company staff was happy with the cruise and I am almost certain they will want to do it again next year.  Some of the working staff on the cruise said they specifically requested this cruise because they enjoyed it so much last year. We have recruited new members and collected donations around the cruise, and our paid membership is now at its highest number ever.

Thanks to Sam, Joe, and Sharon Lindsay (who filled in for us at the last minute) for judging the photo contest.  Lots of good photos, I’m glad I wasn't the one making the decisions. 

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