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Friends Group Board of Directors and Officers


Rick Shields, President
John Petraglia, VP

Twila Gray, Treasurer

Kris Williams, Secretary

Ivan Bennett

Walt Hoskins

Bob Speare
April Sutton

Dr. Wasil Khan

Friends Group Advisory Board


Victoria Ten Broeck, Chair

Dr. Todd Cellini

Lucas Kravlie

Rick Shields

Cara Thompson

Marjorie Young

Monica Harris

Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges is an organization of volunteers from coastal Georgia and South Carolina dedicated to preserving and protecting the seven National Wildlife Refuges in our area. These refuges, managed and protected by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (US F&WS), are oases of wildness in our midst, and are truly "America's Best Kept Secret".

In return, we must respect the needs of the native plants and animals that inhabit the refuges, and protect them from habitat destruction, pollution, and other threats to their survival.

Join us as we organize educational activities and tours, help with maintenance and upkeep, and staff the Visitor Center at Savannah NWR.


If you want to know more about us and see what we do, we invite you to attend the Friends Group Board of Directors meetings on the third Thursday of each month at the Savannah NWR Visitor Center (694 Beech Hill Lane, Hardeeville, SC.) at 6:30 PM. All members and visitors are welcome.

For a map to the Visitor Center click HERE.

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Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges, Inc.
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