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What do Friends Groups Do?

     The projects and activities that Friends group participate in are limited only by their imagination and resources. From fund-raising to build visitor centers, to putting on educational activities, to developing multimedia presentations and photo contests, Friends groups around the country are involved in a myriad of ways in supporting the refuges they love.

Below are some examples.

     The“Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society raised $3 million to build a new visitor center.


·     Friends of the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center in MN sponsored a professional development workshop for teachers on “Nature Journaling and Observation Skills for the Classroom”.

· Friends of the Wallkill River NWR sponsors“Nocturnal Creatures Night” with guided tours and volunteers dressed as the nocturnal denizens of the refuge.


    · Friends of Florida Panther Refuge partnered with The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Naples, FL, to develop a program in which resort guests were recruited to clear invasive plants from the refuge. 


· F Friends of the Bear River Refuge sponsored the production of a movie about the refuge to be shown in the visitor center and more widely.

·     Friends of the Bosque del Apache raised $63,000 to purchase Chupadera Peak and 140 surrounding acres, then donated the land to the refuge.

       The Great Dismal Swamp Coalition sponsored educational programs during Black History Month highlighting the Swamp’s role as an important station on the Underground Railway.


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