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Friends Group Life Members


   Life Membership in the Friends is achieved by donating a minimum of $500 to the Friends Group in a calendar year.

   These individuals and families have made a financial commitment to the goals and mission of the Friends.

   How about you?  Are you ready to upgrade your membership?

   Just click on "Join the Friends" or "Support the Friends" and make your contribution.

   The Friends group is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN 26-2009310). Your contribution to the Friends may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Consult your tax adviser or the IRS to determine if your contribution is deductible.
Dr. Richard and Leslie Shields (members since 2008)
Pat and John Metz                   (members since 2008)
Allyn Schneider                        (member since 2008)
Dr. Steven and Beth Roth        (members since 2009)
Dot Bambach and Matt Ryan   (members since 2009)
Lisa and David Fleming           (members since 2009)
Martha and Olvis Spencer       (members since 2009)
John and Nancy Davis             (In Our Memories)
Diane and Robert Rand           (members since 2009)
Kimberly and Chuck Hayes     (members since 2008)
Dr. Bob and Terri Beard           (members since 2009)
Sue Chapman                           (In Our Memories)
Dr. Roy and Lynda Baker         (members since 2009)
Mark and Janet Yeager           (members since 2009)
Diego Shen Shields                  (member since 2009)
Kay Grinell and Jeff Ulbright     (members since 2010)
Spencer Tyson                          (member since 2011)
George Cathcart                        (member since 2011)
Debra Barnard-Keinath              (member since 2012)
Dennis and Francine Baer         (members since 2008)
Howard Purvis                           (member since 2012)
Linda Etchells                            (member since 2011)
Ned and Gretchen Reader       
(member since 2012)
Sharon Lindsay                        
(member since 2010)
Eugene and Andrea Bigelow   
(members since 2011)
Brad Wittfeld                             (member since 2013)
Susan Kay                                (member since 2013)
John Kane                               
  (member since 2013)
The Mills Family Fund (Tom and Kay Mills)     (2013)
Todd and Kristen Cellini            (members since 2013)
William Smiley                           (member since 2013)
The Toogood Family                 (members since 2010)
Wendy Brewer                           (member since 2012)
Ben Goggins                              (member since 2013)
Jack Greenshields                          (in our memories)
Jane Griess                                (member since 2008)
Lawrence and Joanne Judkins   (members since 2010)
Stuart and Regi Sonnen             (members since 2009)
Janice and Michael Scully          (members since 2014)
Elizabeth Gephart                       (
member since 2015)
Antoinette Starr                           (member since 2015)
Joan Thayer                               
(member since 2015)
Walter Hoskins                            (member since 2015)
Ivan and Susan Bennett              (member since 2014)
Paula Gail Schoenhoff                 (member since 2017)
Hannah Catherine Steere            (member since 2017)
Joseph Beckham Steere              (member since 2017)
Julie Wade                                       (member since 2016)
Mark Tate                                          (member since 2016)
Alfred McGuire                                (member since 2016)
Heather Handy                                (member since 2016)
Nick Deffley                                      (member since 2016)
Joan Thayer                                        (member since 2016)
Antoinette Starr                                (member since 2016)
Kristina Carroll                                    (member since 2010)
Daphne Williams                                (member since 2016)
Dorothea Walker                              (member since 2016)
Peter Ulrich                                        (member since 2016)
Craig Tootle                                       (member since 2016)
Ashley Helmholt                               (member since 2016)
Tim Blackston                                    (member since 2016)
Patti Adams                                       (member since 2016)
Bill and Marily Teeter                     (member since 2015)
Todd Cellini                                        (member since 2012)

Dr. Jeff Kinney                                 (member since 2016)
Eugene Keferl                                  (member since 2018)
David Furman                                      (member since 2018)
Robert and Jane Hester                   (member since 2019)

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